Five tips for dental handpiece maintenance

Maintaining your dental handpieces properly will help ensure that your dental handpieces will last longer and ensure that the time between repair dates is lengthened. Here are five top tips to keep your tools in prime condition.

  1. Always read and follow the manufacturers instructions before use.
  2. Cleaning your handpiece is something that needs to be done carefully, and with certain materials. You should not use tap water or cleaning solutions, you need to use distilled water or alcohol to clean the exterior properly.
  3. When sterilizing, do not heat above 135/275 degrees C and do not operate until the handpiece has reached room temperature.
  4. When sterilizing always remove the bur and always store with a bur or bur blank to protect the chucking mechanisim. And never operate the handpiece without the bur inserted.
  5. Specifications vary, however typically air pressure should not exceed 32 PSI for high-speed handpieces and 45 PSI for low-speed handpieces.