Three signs that your dental handpiece isn’t working properly

Here are three symptoms that your dental handpiece isn’t working properly. Please call 800-569-5245. As always, free shipping and estimates.

1. Excessive vibrations – If you use an electric or pneumatic handpiece and it begins to vibrate more than you consider normal, this could be an indication that the bearings within are loose. If this is the case, they’ll need to be replaced by a dental handpiece repair specialist. Alternatively, the problem could be caused by a lack of lubrication and, if so, you should flush the handpiece with oil as directed by the manufacturer.

2. Reduced revolution speed – Over time, you may find that your handpiece’s rotation speed decreases significantly. This is most probably caused by a fault with the turbine inside, or several other potential issues, and you will need to get this addressed if you’re to continue carrying out successful treatments on your patients.

3. Disturbed rhythm – If your handpiece makes clunking noises and rotates irregularly, this could be because of a motor or turbine problem. This is often caused by old age or a lack of regular servicing, and you will need to get your motor or turbine replaced to ensure consistently smooth revolutions that don’t pose such a risk to the teeth and gums of your patients.

If your handpiece is experiencing any problems, please contact me at 800-569-5245. Also, you can download our free shipping label here, ship your handpiece to us and we will give you a free estimate for your next repair. Thank you.