Why To Get More Than One Dental Handpiece of the Same Type

Hi, I’m Ken Groba, The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy and I’m going to share with you a story that will help explain why you should have more than one dental handpiece of the same type.

Recently, a customer of mine sent me their low speed Star Titan dental handpiece. They asked me to rush the repair and explained that this was their only low speed dental handpiece in the office. The dentist was extremely stressed and had some valuable dental work that needed to be completed. I was able to get the handpiece repaired and back to them right away, but the doctor lost valuable time due to the issue with the dental handpiece. To ensure you are well equipped in your office so you have no downtime, here are the recommendations for how many dental handpieces you should have in your office.

Experts recommend four or five high speed dental hanpdieces per operatory. It is also recommended that you have at least two low speed dental handpieces, more if your workflow demands it. You at least need to have a backup, in addition to the handpieces that may be in use simultaneously. If you are running your office with only one low speed dental handpiece I would encourage you to get another one, so if your handpiece happens to malfunction, you don’t experience a loss of time and production.

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