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    The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy stands behind the quality and efficiency of your handpiece repair with a money back guarantee. We provide dental handpiece repair for South Carolina and all other dental office locations in the United States. If you have any questions or needs, call us at 800-569-5245.

    Free shipping and estimates for all handpiece repairs in South Carolina makes doing business with The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy easy. We offer great value at reasonable prices and we stand behind our repairs with warranties and a money back guarantee.

    Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about our South Carolina dental handpiece repair service. Below, we list the benefits of working for us as well as give you information on warranties and pricing.

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    The benefits of working with The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy:

    • >  Free Shipping to and from your office in South Carolina
    • >  Free estimates of the costs for handpiece repairs
    • >  Quality parts, made in America, Germany and/or Factory OEM
    • >  In-house, certified repairs in most situations
    • >  Quick 24-48 hour turnaround on high-speed handpieces
    • >  Yes, we repair low speed dental handpieces
    • >  Yes, we repair ultrasonic scalers
    • >  Yes, to fiberoptic handpiece repairs
    • >  YES, we repair Electric Handpieces!
    • >  4-6 month, even up to 12 month, warranties on handpiece repairs
    • >  Thorough testing and inspection of handpiece
    • >  Thoroughly clean internal and external parts
    • >  Wear and Tear check / testing, and replacement if necessary
    • >  Check water and chip or exhaust air
    • >  Spindle concentricity testing to ensure smooth operation
    • >  Replace old/faulty parts and reassemble
    • >  Bench tests to check air pressure, torque/rpm, and excessive noise
    • >  Preventative maintenance to extend the life of your handpiece

    We perform dental handpiece repairs on all major makes and models of dental handpieces, including: Kavo®, Sirona®, Star® (StarDental®), Midwest®, Lares®, NSK®, Meisinger®, Nitram®, MK-Dent®, Athena®, Dentex®, Adec®, Bien-Air®, W&H®, Champion®, Vector®, and more... All handpieces are repaired with the best quality American, German, or Factory Original Parts. That's why we offer such great handpiece repair warranties.

    Click to Download Repair Form and Mailing Label

    Dental Handpiece Repair Warranties:

    • >  High Speed Handpieces:
          We insure most brands of high-speed handpieces with a 4-6 month warranty after repair by us.
    • >  Low Speed Handpieces:
          Most low-speed handpiece repairs are covered by a 6-12 month warranty.
    • >  Ultrasonic Scalers:
          These come with a 6 month repair warranty on most makes and models.

    Most makes and models come with a standard repair warranty. We will quote you on the cost of the repair as well as the length of warranty before the repair is started. Please Note: Whether you choose to do the repair with us or not, we will still ship your handpiece back to you at no charge.

    Average Handpiece Repair Costs:

    • All Handpiece Makes & Models
    • Hi-Speed Handpiece Service
    • Low-Speed Handpiece Service
    • Electric Handpiece Repair
    • New Turbines
    • Free Shipping & Estimates
    • Surgical Instruments
    • Fiber Optic Replacement
    • Replace Air / Water Lines
    • Rethreading
    • Handpiece Maintenance Plans
    • Handpiece Repair Warranties
    • $79 - 139
    • $159 & Up
    • $ Call
    • $109 - 239
    • $0.00
    • $ Call
    • $ Call
    • $ Call
    • $ Call
    • $ Call
    • Up to 12 Months!

    *Note: Most bearings can be upgraded to Ceramic for about $20

    Click to Download Repair Form and Mailing Label

    We appreciate the opportunity to serve the dental handpiece repair needs of your office in South Carolina. Please call us at 800-569-5245 with any questions, comments or concerns. We take great pride in our friendly, comfortable, and personal approach to serving your dental drill repair needs. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your business!

    Dental Handpiece Repair service in South Carolina. Some of the cities we serve*

  • Aiken
  • Anderson
  • Charleston
  • Columbia
  • Florence
  • Goose Creek
  • Greenville
  • Hilton Head Island
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Myrtle Beach
  • North Charleston
  • Rock Hill
  • Spartanburg
  • Summerville
  • Sumter

*If you don't see your city in this list, don't worry, we offer free shipping and estimates on handpiece repair to dentists in every city in South Carolina. If you have questions about our repair services or if we can help you in your particular situation, feel free to contact us at 800-569-5245. We look forward to serving your dental handpiece repair needs.

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  • >  Sirona Handpiece Repair
  • >  StarDental Handpiece
  • >  Midwest Handpiece Repair
  • >  Lares Handpiece Repair
  • >  NSK Handpiece Repair
  • >  Meisinger Handpiece Repair
  • >  Nitram Handpiece Repair
  • >  MK-dent Handpiece Repair
  • >  Athena Handpiece Repair
  • >  Dentex Handpiece Repair
  • >  Adec Handpiece Repair
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