Things to ask your dental handpiece repair guy

When it comes to dental handpiece repair, it’s vitally important that you are equipped with the proper questions to ask your dental handpiece repair person.

The first thing you want to ask your handpiece repair guy is for an estimate before he begins working on your device. Most companies offer free estimations of how much the work will cost before they begin the repair job, and this is important in allowing you to make the best decision regarding your handpiece repair.

You should also check with your repair guy that repairs are carried out in-house, as failure to do this could leave you in limbo with a middle man who can’t give you the right level of customer service to suit your needs. You also need to inquire about any replacement components being fitted to certify that they’re of a high enough quality to be used in your handpieces.

It’s always beneficial to a dental practitioner to have a healthy working relationship with their chosen dental hand piece repair company. The best repair guys will offer you warranties on new parts, and you should always check that this is the case before signing any long-term contracts to protect your practice.

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