Three ways to improve the performance of your dental handpiece

Handpiece maintenance can instantly improve the performance of your dental tools. Make sure to maintain your dental handpiece so you can reduce the frequency that you send it in for repair. Follow these tips:

First, make sure to read and follow the instructions in the manual that comes with it. A handpiece should only ever be used at the correct PSI, which usually falls between 30 and 40 PSI. Running it at a higher than recommended pressure will almost certainly ruin the bearings and the chuck inside.

The second step is to always clean your handpiece carefully between each use. Clean the outer casing with warm water or alcohol, using a soft bristled brush, but take great care not to submerge the handpiece, as this will damage it.

Finally, always lubricate your handpiece before you sterilize it, and choose your lubricant wisely. Sprays are okay, but the downside is you need to wait for the propellant to evaporate before you can use it again, so a syringe or oil pen would be better. Using these tools allows you full control of the amount of oil used, which is useful as you need to meet the manufacturers specifications each time.

Follow the above tips and you’ll notice an instant improvement with your dental handpiece!

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