Save Time and Money On Your Dental Handpieces

Dental handpieces age over time and become prone to breaking or malfunctioning. Many dentists spend a lot more money to replace them with a brand-new device, which isn’t necessarily the most efficient and cost-effective way of resolving the problem. Often, problems with dental handpieces – whether they’re powered by turbines or electricity – are caused by small broken components within. Replacing only the broken part instead of buying a whole new handpiece is a far less expensive way of repairing dental equipment, and is exactly the sort of service you can access by shipping your handpiece to us for repair.

It’s possible to save even more money considering that we offer free shipping on all dental handpiece repairs. You won’t need to worry about having to wait too long for a repair job to be completed, either – we offer a 48 hour turnaround on most dental handpiece repairs. This includes the time that the handpiece is received by us, to when it is returned in full working order. The time and money saved through this type of repair service can then be used more productively in other areas of your practice.