Important tips to safely ship dental handpieces for repair

When shipping dental handpieces for repair, ensure that each piece is securely packaged and that it is impossible for any sharp pieces to break through the packaging to avoid potential injury, and further damage to the handpiece.

If more than one handpiece is to be shipped, it is advisable that each one is wrapped separately so that they are easily identified, and so that they cannot bang against each other in transit and cause further damage.

Make sure that adequate labeling is in each parcel so that our handpiece repair team knows exactly where the handpieces have come from in order to facilitate easy and prompt return. A brief description of the fault (if known) can also be useful.

Remember that we offer free shipping on all dental handpiece repairs and even just for diagnosing and quoting you on the possibility of repair. I’m looking forward to working with you. Thank you for trusting The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy for your dental handpiece repair.

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