Electric Handpiece Repair – Choosing the Right Repair Person

Choosing the right handpiece repair person, when your electric handpiece isn’t functioning optimally, is imperative to getting the results you deserve.

The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy is trained and certified in Electric Handpiece Repair. We focus on quality of parts, service and customer interaction. We want to provide an exceptional experience for all customers and work to make every aspect of dental handpiece repair comfortable, quick and easy.

If you are experiencing issues with your Electric Handpiece, or any other handpiece, please give us a call at 800-569-5245. As always, shipping and estimates are free. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Why To Get More Than One Dental Handpiece of the Same Type

Hi, I’m Ken Groba, The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy and I’m going to share with you a story that will help explain why you should have more than one dental handpiece of the same type.

Recently, a customer of mine sent me their low speed Star Titan dental handpiece. They asked me to rush the repair and explained that this was their only low speed dental handpiece in the office. The dentist was extremely stressed and had some valuable dental work that needed to be completed. I was able to get the handpiece repaired and back to them right away, but the doctor lost valuable time due to the issue with the dental handpiece. To ensure you are well equipped in your office so you have no downtime, here are the recommendations for how many dental handpieces you should have in your office.

Experts recommend four or five high speed dental hanpdieces per operatory. It is also recommended that you have at least two low speed dental handpieces, more if your workflow demands it. You at least need to have a backup, in addition to the handpieces that may be in use simultaneously. If you are running your office with only one low speed dental handpiece I would encourage you to get another one, so if your handpiece happens to malfunction, you don’t experience a loss of time and production.

If you have questions regarding dental handpiece repair, please visit my website at www.TheDentalHandpieceRepairGuy.com or call me at 1-800-569-5245. Thank you!

Four Ways to Prevent Dental Handpiece Damage

When it comes to taking care of your dental handpieces, there are four crucial things you need to keep in mind if you want to prevent damaging them. While it’s inevitable that things break down, it’s possible to extend the life of your handpieces by taking note of the following tips:

First, make sure to run your handpiece at the air pressure recommended by the manufacturer – this usually means keeping your air pressure at less than 35 PSI for high-speed handpieces, and less than 45 PSI for low speed handpieces. However, always consult the manual to be sure.

Second, when it comes to tightening the chuck, always do this with a bur in place. The reason is to prevent damage to the collet, which can be expensive to replace.

Third, when operating your push button handpiece, take care never depress the push button while it is in use. Doing so will often result in excessive heat being generated at the cap of your handpiece. The chucking mechanism may also be damaged and it’s possible that the bur will be expelled from the rotating handpiece.

And last, when it comes to sterilizing your handpiece, always make sure you remove the bur first to avoid corrosion.

Thank you for watching and be sure to visit TheDentalHandpieceRepairGuy.com for more tips and tricks about dental handpiece repair and maintenance.

How to Prepare Your Dental Handpiece for Repair

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Ken, The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy and I want to show you the steps to prepare your dental handpiece for repair.

The first thing you need to do is sterilize your dental handpiece. This ensures a clean, safe repair.

Then you can visit my website, download the handpiece repair form and shipping label and print them out.

Fill out the repair form completely, and please give as much detail as possible about the problems you are experiencing with your handpiece. Make a copy of your completed repair form so you can refer back to it, if needed.

Make sure to leave your handpiece in the sterilization pouch and box up your handpiece. Please include the dental handpiece repair form in the box with the handpiece, so I can identify the owner of the handpiece as well as the problems you are experiencing. Put the shipping label on the box and send it to me from your local post office. I recommend insuring your package.

…and those are the steps to get your dental handpiece prepared for the repair. You can expect a 24 to 48 hour turnaround for high speeds, 7 to 10 days for electric and low speed handpieces. As always, feel free to call me at 800-569-5245 with any questions. Thank you.

How often should you get your dental handpieces maintained and repaired?

Most dentists will have up to ten handpieces in their occupancy at any one time, and all of these will need daily maintenance, after use, as well as a ‘tune-up’ or repair at least once per year, if not on a six-month basis. High-speed drills with revolutions of up to 400,000 – 500,000 per minute will require more frequent maintenance to ensure they continue working optimally, and to reduce the chance for major repair, while slower handpieces may last for a year before they need to be disassembled and rebuilt again. If you send your handpieces to me on a six to 12 month basis, I can keep your handpieces running as good as new. I offer free shipping on all repairs and I guarantee my work, so print out the forms on my website at www.TheDentalHandpieceRepairGuy.com and send in your handpiece. If you need any assistance, please call me at 1-800-569-5245. Thank you.

Why You Should Choose The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy

Hi, my name is Ken Groba and at The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy, providing high quality dental handpiece repairs at a fair price is important to me. I value my customers and understand the stresses of running a dental practice.

In fact, I have helped my father Dr. Ronald Groba in his dental practice with everything from repairs of equipment to administrative tasks. I have done this for over 20 years and I know there are many moving parts in a dental practice and that it’s important to have equipment that runs optimally at all times.

I also understand that dentists spend a lot of money on payroll, office supplies, dental supplies, new equipment and repairs. All of these things can add up quickly and any unforeseen issues can cause you to lose time and money.

That’s why at The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy, we have a system in place that allows you to get quality repairs at an affordable price, so we can get you back up and running as quickly and affordably as possible. Let me explain.

We offer free shipping. All you need to do is print out the shipping label and repair forms from our site. Fill out the repair form and send in your handpiece.

We offer free estimates. Once we receive your handpiece we will inspect it to see what it needs to function optimally again and send you a free estimate. You can then choose to move forward with the repair or have us send it back to you at no charge.

Our prices are fair. You get the highest quality repair at an affordable price.

We use high quality parts. Our parts are of the best quality and we warrantee all repairs of dental handpieces to ensure you are getting the most value from your repaired handpiece.

We have a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your repair, we will refund your money.
Thank you for your interest in The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy. We hope you will find your experience with us, friendly, of high quality and affordable. Please call us at 800-569-5245 or visit us at www.TheDentalHandpieceRepairGuy.com.

How to Pick the Perfect Dental Handpiece Repair Specialist

Hi, I’m Ken Groba, The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy and I’m going to share with you some tips on How to pick your perfect dental handpiece repair specialist. When it comes to choosing the perfect handpiece repair specialist, there are a few qualities you need to look out for.

The most important quality of course is experience – handpiece repair is a tricky task that only professionals can do properly. It requires expertise and professional tools to do the job.

Talk to the handpiece repair technician before you agree to let them do the work and ask them questions to test their knowledge. Also ask them about the replacement parts they are using. Do they have the correct parts in stock? Will they use good quality parts?

A good professional will also have a quality website, backed up with testimonials from satisfied customers. You can also search for reviews online.

Finally, make sure the work they perform is guaranteed. Ask for a warranty and read the terms carefully to make sure you are covered in the event something goes wrong with the repairs.

Three signs that your dental handpiece isn’t working properly

Here are three symptoms that your dental handpiece isn’t working properly. Please call 800-569-5245. As always, free shipping and estimates.

1. Excessive vibrations – If you use an electric or pneumatic handpiece and it begins to vibrate more than you consider normal, this could be an indication that the bearings within are loose. If this is the case, they’ll need to be replaced by a dental handpiece repair specialist. Alternatively, the problem could be caused by a lack of lubrication and, if so, you should flush the handpiece with oil as directed by the manufacturer.

2. Reduced revolution speed – Over time, you may find that your handpiece’s rotation speed decreases significantly. This is most probably caused by a fault with the turbine inside, or several other potential issues, and you will need to get this addressed if you’re to continue carrying out successful treatments on your patients.

3. Disturbed rhythm – If your handpiece makes clunking noises and rotates irregularly, this could be because of a motor or turbine problem. This is often caused by old age or a lack of regular servicing, and you will need to get your motor or turbine replaced to ensure consistently smooth revolutions that don’t pose such a risk to the teeth and gums of your patients.

If your handpiece is experiencing any problems, please contact me at 800-569-5245. Also, you can download our free shipping label here, ship your handpiece to us and we will give you a free estimate for your next repair. Thank you.

Save Time and Money On Your Dental Handpieces

Dental handpieces age over time and become prone to breaking or malfunctioning. Many dentists spend a lot more money to replace them with a brand-new device, which isn’t necessarily the most efficient and cost-effective way of resolving the problem. Often, problems with dental handpieces – whether they’re powered by turbines or electricity – are caused by small broken components within. Replacing only the broken part instead of buying a whole new handpiece is a far less expensive way of repairing dental equipment, and is exactly the sort of service you can access by shipping your handpiece to us for repair.

It’s possible to save even more money considering that we offer free shipping on all dental handpiece repairs. You won’t need to worry about having to wait too long for a repair job to be completed, either – we offer a 48 hour turnaround on most dental handpiece repairs. This includes the time that the handpiece is received by us, to when it is returned in full working order. The time and money saved through this type of repair service can then be used more productively in other areas of your practice.

Handpiece Repair Services Your Dentistry Can’t Do Without

Hi, I’m Ken Groba, the Dental Handpiece Repair Guy

Here are some handpiece repair services your dental office can’t do without:

Reliability, customer service, quick turnaround and quality are most important when dealing with a handpiece repair person. These will help your dental handpiece repairs go smoothly and stress free.

Warranties are extremely important to give you peace of mind, and maintenance programs should be offered as a standard after care service so your equipment performs optimally.

Affordable prices are crucial because high costs are almost always passed down to our customers which can be detrimental to business.

Free estimates are important because they enable you to make decisions about your repairs that will impact your dental office.

Also, if you send your dental handpiece to a handpiece repair person, they need to have the skills and tools necessary to service dental handpieces from a wide range of manufacturers.

Have no worries and send your dental handpieces to me, Ken Groba, The Dental Handpiece Repair Guy. Call me at 800-569-5245 with any questions or click on the link below to visit my website. Thank you.